Danny Clayden Chambers Posts

March 20, 2017 /

Picked these up for my Dream Team! @tonyrobbins

March 18, 2017 /

Being able to provide, understanding and experiencing growing our own food is important to me on some level in the journey towards self actualisation

March 18, 2017 /

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill contains some classic ideas which come up time and again in other books. ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’ is one of my favourites! This book is written in an older style but definitely makes the list

March 15, 2017 /

Coming’ up

March 13, 2017 /

This week’s Accountability Call was excellent! Have your Dream Team keep you in check and do the same for them. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

March 10, 2017 /

Picked up this Badboy with my leftover Baht at the airport on the recommendation of Renato @jusren Jr. 15 hours let’s DO THIS

March 10, 2017 /

This book, Iron John by Robert Bly is non fiction but in its deconstruction of a German a fairy tale (Also know as Iron Hans) explains some things about Masculinity, Initiation and some of the traps and pitfalls along the way. It’s very enlightening and may answer some questions you didn’t know you needed to ask

March 6, 2017 /

First try at Yoga.. Looking forward to learning something I can put into my warm up @oasisyogalanta

February 28, 2017 /

You are the average of the Five People you spend the most time with. Choose those people wisely @hiddenux @jusren

February 28, 2017 /

Just like anybody, perhaps more.. I feel fear. I don’t yet enjoy being uncomfortable and maybe I never completely will. What I am sure of is that change will keep coming and if you don’t move, then discontent will move you